Power, precision, excitement and medals - WLC 2014 Highlights from day two

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After two wonderful days at the World Logging Championships, we are pleased to announce that Husqvarna has won not one, but five medals in the first four disciplines!

Starting with Felling, you may have seen yesterday that the older Amstutz brother Phillip, destroyed his marker by landing a direct hit, resulting in a huge 659 points.

Former WLC silver medallist Jukka Peramäki, who felled his tree in 159 seconds, also finished with 659 points. But Phillip managed to fell his mast in an impressive 132 seconds, leaving him top of the leaderboard for the whole day, resulting in a gold medal proudly resting around his neck.

If you consider that before this event the world record for Fitting Another Chain was 8.93 seconds, it demonstrates just how hard this competition is when Yoan Caparros’s 8.8 seconds brought him a silver medal, not gold. Not that he minded as he held it up high and waved his French flag like his Christmas had come early!

Also in Fitting Another Chain, local hero Urs Amstutz claimed a bronze medal and sent the crowd into raptures as he slammed his fist down on the big red button in a time of 8.9 seconds.  

No sooner had the stadium calmed down but Urs was at it again, this time scoring an incredible 203 points in the Combined Bucking. The crowd cheered louder and Urs found his efforts rewarded with a place at the top of the podium, holding his gold medal aloft as a deafening roar filled the packed tent.

But the day really belonged to Jukka Peramäki, who picked up a bronze medal in the Precision Bucking with a strong 248 point run. Can he go on to claim the WLC title? Anders Kragner and Christian Johnsson think so, and they certainly know a thing or two about this competition.



Chainsaws at the ready - Brienz welcomes the world's best loggers

Brienz is one of Europe’s premier woodworking villages

Its picturesque lakeside view will provide the perfect backdrop for our championship chainsaws


The picturesque Swiss village of Brienz is without a doubt the perfect place to host the World Logging Championships 2014. Every street of this famous lakeside village pays homage to its bountiful woodworking history with ornate carvings everywhere. 

Laying at the foot of the Brienzer Rothorn Mountain on the northern shore of the River Brienz, the village is known as 'the wood carving village'. Almost two centuries ago Christian Fletscher, a self-taught wood carver, began selling his goods during winter months to tourists, laying the foundation to what became Europe’s premier wood carving area.

This tradition makes Brienz the perfect location for the World Logging Championships and, as the village has embraced the power and intensity of our championship chainsaws, it has also welcomed our pro loggers with open arms.

From the 10th-13th of September the five disciplines of: tree felling, fitting another chain, bucking with combined cuts, precision bucking and limbing will all be on show in Switzerland, as our professionals battle it out for the coveted gold medal.



Can you cut 30 branches off a tree in under 15 seconds?

Limbing involves cutting artificial branches off a single stem in the quickest time possible.

Thirty branches must be removed but leaving a stump results in a penalty, with 200 basic points given for completion, and quicker contestants receiving a higher score. 

Contestants have time to prepare, with the branch pattern being shared with each contestant up to six months in advance of the competition.

Limbing, the evaluation

The following elements affect the final score (maximum 460), with 200 basic points given for basic completion of the performance:

  • Time – the event is timed, with lower times scoring higher. 
  • Branch stumps – if there are any stumps above 5mm in height, 20 points are penalised. 
  • Damage to the stem any vertical damage to the stem deeper than 5mm will be penalised by 20 points. 
  • Longitudinal damage to the stem – longitudinal cuts also result in a 40 point penalisation for each point of damage.


Scoring factors:

The following factors may also result in points penalisation: 

Branches that are not removed, clearing away branches when the chain is running, safety regulations and incorrect movement.

The origins:

In the forest, limbing is a crucial part of preparing logs before bucking takes place, making the stems ready for trade. Limbing may be a dangerous act if precautions are not taken, as branches often fly up under the tree's weight. 

The chainsaws:

To read more about the chainsaws used at WLC2014 go here: Husqvarna 576 XP™ and here: Husqvarna 372 XP™.  

Want to know more about the other disciplines, simply click the relevant link below:

Tree FellingAnother Chain - Precision Bucking - Bucking with Combined Cuts

For more information on precision bucking and WLC2014, visit ialc.ch or check out our other posts here on the WLC2014 blog. Keen to interact? Talk to us @pro_forest on Twitter! 



How to make two cuts meet perfectly in the middle of a log

Bucking with combined cuts tests the competitor's woodcutting accuracy from two angles, above and below, on two seperate stems both set at different angles. 

The competitor is marked on time and accuracy, with both cuts expected to meet perfectly in the middle of the log, at a perfect angle.

The deviation in the cut angle results in penalty points, and the disc must be between 30-80mm.

Bucking with combined cuts, the evaluation...

As with many high precision events at the World Logging Championships, competitors will receive penalty points if any of the following elements are not up to standard:

  • Time – points are awarded according to time taken, with penalty points awarded for longer times taken.
  • Angle of cut – the cut angle is measured from four locations, with the angle of the cut and its deviation measured. 90 degrees represents the perfect angle, with a max score of 30 points per log.
  • Distance between the two cuts - The height of the threshold between the bole and the end of the disc is measured, with a lower value representing a higher score. Max score of 45 points per log.

The following factors are also taken into consideration for the total score of 200:

Too early start, violations of work safety regulations, cutting above or below the red line, starting the downwards cut below the green line, fitting the chain or cutting apparatus correctly, damaging the stem with gashes and the thickness of the disc.

A little more info …

Bucking at the World Logging Championships is based on the real world art of cutting felled logs destined for plywood, lumber and pulp, having distinct specifications for length and diameter.

Loggers will use a variety of instruments to ensure accuracy in the real world – so our competitors must be extra skilled to gain high points.

Now to find out which chainsaws the best in the world use at the World Logging Championships, go here: Husqvarna 576 XP™ and here: Husqvarna 372 XP™

Want to know more about the other disciplines, simply click the relevant link below:

Tree FellingAnother Chain - Precision Bucking 

For more information on bucking with combined cuts and WLC2014, visit ialc.ch or check out our other posts here on the WLC2014 blog. Keen to interact? Talk to us @pro_forest on Twitter! 



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