How to change a chainsaw chain in under ten seconds

Fitting another chain involves the safe and quick replacement of a chainsaw chain. 

The competitor is scored on how quickly the chain is replaced according to the chainsaw group. 

Points are deducted for many reasons including failure to turn the bar, dropping the chain or fixing nuts and more.

Fitting Another Chain, the evaluation

Competitors receive penalty points if any of the following elements are not up to standard:

  • • Time – timings are categorised according to the chainsaw group – group 1 or 2. The longer the time taken, the more points deducted from a maximum 140. 
  • Failure to carry out task correctlyif there is a gap between the chain and bar, 50 points are deducted. 
  • Bar not turnedthe bar must be turned at least once in the longitudinal axis. If not, 50 penalty points are given. 
  • Dropping the chain or fixing nutsthis results in 20 penalty points. 


Scoring factors:

The following factors are also taken into consideration for the total score of 140: 

Injury involving bleeding, manipulating the saw once the discipline has ended, and incomplete or poor fitting of cutting apparatus. 

The origins…

Whilst Husqvarna chainsaws are renowned for their reliability, chain replacements are necessary, especially in the case of a chain naturally blunting. With the process taking the average logger just five to ten minutes to complete, our champions usually finish the process in 10 to 20 seconds. 

Now to find out which chainsaws the best in the world use at the World Logging Championships, read on…

The chainsaw:

Husqvarna 576 XP™ - This is our most advanced chainsaw and a favourite amongst professionals when it comes to demanding use. The X-Torq® engine provides high torque over a very wide rpm range and exerts low levels of exhaust emission and is low on fuel consumption. 576 XP has Smart Start® for easy starting and Air Injection for stronger and longer runs (not to mention the ergonomically improved handles). 

Husqvarna 372 XP™ - Used by professionals for very demanding practices and is ideal for tree felling, but also general logging. With extra heavy-duty crankcase and crankshaft and a carburettor with vibration dampening, 372 XP can handle high speeds and high loads. The chainsaw ticks all the boxes for low weight, high power and rapid acceleration with flexible operation. 

The chainsaw accessories:

Felling wedge – is inserted before the felling cut is complete, and are knocked in with an axe or impact bar. Sometimes several felling wedges are needed to fell the tree. 

Impact bar – (or axe) can be used as a striking tool when using a felling wedge (these tools are also used as a breaking bar for bigger trees).   


For more information on fitting another chain and WLC2014, visit ialc.ch or check out our other posts here on the WLC2014 blog. Keen to interact? Talk to us @pro_forest on Twitter! 



Tree felling at the World Logging Championship 2014

Tree felling is a discipline inspired by the hard work of loggers around the world. 

The competitor has three minutes to fell a tree and the tree should land as closely as possible to a marker positioned by the logger.

Time limit and proximity of the fallen tree to the marker is judged with points awarded for the depth and angle of cut and hinge, and height between cut and hinge. 

Click here to go in-depth into the discipline.



IN PHOTOS: Husqvarna loggers sharpen skills in Switzerland

To get you excited for the World Logging Championships 2014 we thought we’d share some of the best photos from our recent training camp in Switzerland that most of our team attended.

As you can see, our loggers practiced non-stop under burning sunshine in the fields of Emmen, then braved pouring rain in a mountain forest 2,000m above sea level - all to hone their logging skills for WLC 2014.

Here is just a taster of the action...

The Swiss training camp participants after a hard weekend’s work.  



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We’re getting ready for the World Logging Championships 2014

Last week we hosted a Husqvarna training camp for our loggers in Emmen, Switzerland. 

Throughout an intensive weekend, our loggers honed their skills in preparation for the Championships, and we caught all the action in stunning HD video, just like our new teaser ad you can see above.

So stay tuned to the WLC 2014 blog to see our great video coverage; we hope it’ll help you understand the event as well as give you some of the best tips and tricks from the pros.



Three hundred and twenty-five years of expertise in every championship chainsaw

  • Husqvarna’s 325 year history allows it to bring expertise and perfection to each and every chainsaw it creates.
  • It’s this expertise that allows it to provide the loggers participating at the World Logging Championships with the best chance to win. 
  • The Husqvarna 576 XP is the reigning championship chainsaw, used by Aleksandr Sokolov to win the WLC 2012 in Raubitschi. 


Welcome to the Husqvarna WLC 2014 blog


  • • This blog will cover all aspects of the 31st World Logging Championships, providing you with the latest news, updates from the training camps, expert logging knowledge and specialist chainsaw advice
  • • The competition will be held this coming September in the beautiful Swiss lakeside village of Brienz - the original home of wood carving
  • • A truly global event, the very best loggers in the world will battle it out for three days across five disciplines to decide who will be the new world champion of logging – each competitor is subject to strict rules regarding technique and must use an officially approved chainsaw such as the Husqvarna 576 XP or Husqvarna 372 XP


How to follow WLC 2014

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