WLC 2014 IN PHOTOS: Direct hit, Phillip Amstutz!

Direct hit, Phillip Amstutz destroys the pin as his mast hits dead centre!



WLC 2014 IN PHOTOS: No pressure for Amstutz brothers

If the Amstutz brothers are feeling the pressure of competing in their home country, they're not showing it!



WLC 2014 IN PHOTOS: Aleksandr Sokolov going for gold!

Aleksandr Sokolov gets his title defence under way in style. But can he retain the gold?



WLC 2014 IN PHOTOS: Passion on show!

The Husqvarna passion is on show at WLC2014



At long last, day one of the World Logging Championships 2014 has arrived

The final touches are in place and the chainsaws are raring (or should that be roaring?) to go! If you’re as excited as we are, watch our preview film below to see what action the WLC experts can’t wait to see.

It feels like an age since our training camp in Emmen, Switzerland, which is only a short drive from Brienz, the venue for the 31st World Logging Championships.

The whole Husqvarna team is now nervous with anticipation as the biggest names in logging arm themselves with their championship chainsaws and compete to be crowned World Logging Champion 2014.

Our WLC experts, Anders Kragner and Christian Johnsson, are on the ground at the Championships putting together the final touches in order to make this year’s event the most amazing yet. Thankfully, they still had time to have a chat with us to let us know what to expect from this year’s incredible competition. 




It’s here! The World Logging Championships 2014

The time has finally come. We've landed in Brienz for the World Logging Championships 2014. Stay tuned to the blog for great Husqvarna coverage and highlights coming soon...



WLC CONTENDER: Johann ‘Hans’ Raffl returns to the World Logging Championships


Hans is one of the world’s most accomplished and well-known loggers

He owns the mast felling world record from WLC 2010

Hans trains up to five hours every night!

Originally named Johan, the Husqvarna team call him Hans, therefore so shall we…

Raffl is one of the most accomplished and well-known loggers due to his world record performance in the mast felling discipline of WLC 2010.

Hans picked up gold in this event after a close battle where four participants all finished with a score of 659, meaning only the fastest time could separate the medal hopefuls. Hans won gold by just one second, beating silver medallist Jean Michel Petitqueux.

Raffl has his eyes set on gold once again this year - the Italian is not only focused on felling but also limbing, having trained extensively.

Raffl will strive for perfection using his Husqvarna 576 XP chainsaw. Preparation is key, as the Italian is already well-known for his natural skill and flair. If prepared and fully trained, (Raffl confesses he trains as much as five hours in one night!) Raffl could see a return to form with many medals coming his way.            




WLC CONTENDER: Reigning champion Aleksandr Sokolov defends his title at WLC 2014

Aleksandr Sokolov is the reigning World Logging Champion

The Russia treats his training with seriousness and pride

Can he defend his title two years later?

Russian logger Aleksandr Sokolov returns in 2014 to defend his title as World Logging Champion.

In 2012, using his trusty Husqvarna 576 XP, Aleksandr narrowly beat Jukka Perämäki thanks to his superior Tree felling score. This time around, Sokolov will be determined to prove he can win by a much wider margin.

Although he performed well in every 2012 discipline, it was the Russian’s stand out performance in Tree felling that proved critical towards claiming his gold medal success.

The Husqvarna ambassador is now focused on his training. Nothing must slip if he is to successfully defend his title against a number of high quality competitors.

Two years later, we’ll see if the Russian has what it takes!      





Just one week to go until the World Logging Championships


The Husqvarna team has arrived in Brienz for the World Logging Championships! Who will be named champion in 2014?

Using 325 years of experience, we've helped the world's best loggers win countless gold medals. 

Now, watch our video, view the intensive disciplines and meet our incredible team.



WLC CONTENDER: Arian Essenstam represents the Netherlands


Arian Essenstam is on the hunt for gold at WLC 2014

Few understand Husqvarna chainsaws better than Arian

His strongest discipline is Felling, but he loves Limbing the most!


Husqvarna Netherlands product specialist Arian Essenstam will look to use a combination of product knowledge and chainsaw skill to achieve gold in this year's WLC. Perhaps with the upper hand on some of the competition, not many on the planet know Husqvarna chainsaws better than Arian. However, product knowledge is only one aspect of a World Logging Championship.


Arguably his strongest event is felling, something he enjoys and practices regularly however it's limbing Arian believes to be the most important discipline of the five. In previous years the product specialist has achieved one silver overall; two team golds and two further silver medals in felling and precision bucking. An experienced competitor, pride is always on the line as Arian is a representative of the company and Husqvarna Netherlands, meaning he will be firing up his Husqvarna 576 XP with gold in mind this year.