Power, precision, excitement and medals - WLC 2014 Highlights from day two

Watch our highlights video from day two below. Scroll down the blog for all the action and photos from day three and more...

After two wonderful days at the World Logging Championships, we are pleased to announce that Husqvarna has won not one, but five medals in the first four disciplines!

Starting with Felling, you may have seen yesterday that the older Amstutz brother Phillip, destroyed his marker by landing a direct hit, resulting in a huge 659 points.

Former WLC silver medallist Jukka Peramäki, who felled his tree in 159 seconds, also finished with 659 points. But Phillip managed to fell his mast in an impressive 132 seconds, leaving him top of the leaderboard for the whole day, resulting in a gold medal proudly resting around his neck.

If you consider that before this event the world record for Fitting Another Chain was 8.93 seconds, it demonstrates just how hard this competition is when Yoan Caparros’s 8.8 seconds brought him a silver medal, not gold. Not that he minded as he held it up high and waved his French flag like his Christmas had come early!

Also in Fitting Another Chain, local hero Urs Amstutz claimed a bronze medal and sent the crowd into raptures as he slammed his fist down on the big red button in a time of 8.9 seconds.  

No sooner had the stadium calmed down but Urs was at it again, this time scoring an incredible 203 points in the Combined Bucking. The crowd cheered louder and Urs found his efforts rewarded with a place at the top of the podium, holding his gold medal aloft as a deafening roar filled the packed tent.

But the day really belonged to Jukka Peramäki, who picked up a bronze medal in the Precision Bucking with a strong 248 point run. Can he go on to claim the WLC title? Anders Kragner and Christian Johnsson think so, and they certainly know a thing or two about this competition.